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Rays of Hope Inc.

We care for the cats no one else wanted. Many of our animals are older or have physical or social problems.
We love them all and provide special care to each one. Because each one IS Special.
We recieve no gov. grants or have any large contributors.
My husband (who works full time) and myself care for all the animals. Its a 24/7 job but someone has to do it.
Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated, as our Vet bills are growing in leaps and bounds this year. We have a 12 yr old cat that needs thyroid surgery. Without your help we may not be able to afford it. We are now feeding her by syringe every 4-hrs. as she almost died from a reaction to her medications.
(a small amount of your support will help support a small life*)we are a 501© 3 charity.

Rays of Hope Inc. is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.