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Goodwill Globetrotting
Austin, TX
givvers: jason + 2 others


Our goal is to make philanthropy fun and easy by helping travelers around the world to conveniently make meaningful contributions to humanitarian efforts in the countries they visit.

With an emphasis on education and with help from caring citizens everywhere we are building a global network designed to make it easier for international travelers to contribute to existing aid programs in the countries they visit. By simplifying the means by which a traveler can donate time, money, supplies and manpower to communities in need; we hope to create a culture of giving back to the very people that make travel such a rewarding experience to begin with. Whether it’s for one week or one year, we hope that the next time you are planning a vacation you choose not to be just another tourist. Instead, we hope you will join us and become a Goodwill Globetrotter!

Goodwill Globetrotting is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.