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YES! Magazine
Bainbridge Island, WA

YES! Magazine is an award-winning, ad-free, nonprofit publication that supports people’s active engagement in building a just and sustainable world.

YES! Magazine is a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Oct 15, 2018

And several other reasons that the midterm elections are testing how far some states can go in disenfranchising certain voters.

Oct 12, 2018

An unsung shero of the early 20th century, Rose Schneiderman organized women to fight for laws to protect them from sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.

Oct 11, 2018

Pramila Jayapal writes about the Night of 1,000 Conversations, in which more than 2,500 strangers in 28 states gathered to discuss the role of immigration in the country’s past, present, and future.

Oct 10, 2018

Instead of complaining about younger people being politically apathetic, older generations need to show empathy and provide mentorship.

Oct 09, 2018

These people are fighting the good fight because LGBTQ+ Muslims shouldn’t have to sacrifice one identity at the expense of the other.

Oct 08, 2018

Meet the Joneses. They are your average U.S. energy consumers, and they decided to do their part. Watch how they go carbon-neutral in a decade, and then try it yourself.

Oct 08, 2018

Liberty, equality, the pursuit of happiness—these values date back to well before Columbus arrived in the Americas or Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock.

Oct 05, 2018

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