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The Outlet Place for Women
Independence , MO

An outlet place of restoration for women suffering with mental illness, sexual abuse and substance abuse issues.

A new beginning, a 2nd chance starting with a strong foundation.

A place to strip away the layers, while being renewed mind, body and spirit.

The Outlet Place for Women provides a place of restoration for women, while implementing a plan that will allow women to be renewed with self awareness, finding balance through empowerment and motivation with education.

Services include, but are not limited to Individual , Group and Family Therapy, Child Developement Skills, Medication Management, Relapse Prevention,Fitness Training, Second Language Education, Crisis Intervention, Yoga and much more. Restoration consist of cleansing the mind, body and spirit!
The Outlet Place also provides a support group for women who have gone through the program, a way to give back to the community by helping other women who are going through what they have been fortunate enough to overcome.

The Outlet Place for Women is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.