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A&M Partnership
Wheeling, IL

After counseling many families struggling with teen pregnancy and destructive behaviors, Scott Phelps decided something must be done to help teens make healthy choices. In January 1999, Phelps joined the ChicagoCare Pregnancy Center (now Caris) to develop and implement abstinence programs in public schools across Chicago and the Northwest suburbs. Scott later began working for Project Reality, a statewide program in Glenview where he served as National Program Director working to expand the reach of abstinence programs. During this time, Scott wrote two popular abstinence curricula: A.C. Green’s GamePlan and Navigator which are now widely used around the country.

In April 2004, A&M Partnership was founded with a vision of reaching every teenager in the country with the abstinence and marriage message. An intensive national plan was created and funding was secured to provide abstinence programs throughout the United States. The Excel and Aspire programs were developed to accomplish this task. Through the success of this program, A&M Partnership has become one of the leading providers of abstinence education programs around the country, training hundreds of teachers and providing materials for programs in all 50 states.

A&M Partnership is a 501(c)3 organization.