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Women's ACTION Initiative (WAI)
Boston, MA

The mission of the Women’s ACTION Initiative (WAI) is to empower women to take ownership of the necessary physical recuperation process following pregnancy and childbirth.

During pregnancy, women’s bodies change daily in ways that are physical, emotional, and hormonal. Over the course of pregnancy women develop new habits, ways of moving and new posture while the body changes. After delivery, some recovery happens naturally…but some doesn’t! We teach successful recover: what to do and how to do it to feel healthy, happy, and avoid future issues like urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, back or hip pain, and more!

The WAI fosters education on physical wellness by leveraging a multi-disciplined approach to recovery and rehabilitation. We provide succinct, effective programs to eliminate the potentially long term physical impacts of having a baby.

Please support WAI and help women achieve happy, healthy outcomes to regaining physical form and function once their babies arrive. We believe that women don’t need to pay a price, physically, for parenthood!

Thank you.

Women's ACTION Initiative (WAI) is a 501(c)3 organization.