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At Stadia we specialize in helping churches start healthy, successful new churches. We are Christ-followers who believe everyone deserves a relationship with Jesus and a home church with which to celebrate, contribute, and connect as disciples.

Stadia has helped start nearly 100 such churches in the past decade alone. Those churches currently average over 300 in weekly attendance and baptize at a rate more than 50 times the national average. Today over 90% of all churches ever planted in partnership with Stadia are still actively preaching the Gospel and reaching the lost. That’s an astounding success rate in the notoriously challenging world of church planting; across evangelical denominations just 5 in 10 church plants survived during that same time period.

The Stadia team has pioneered a collaborative church planting model called “church planting networks,” in which churches commit to share resources to plant churches. A growing number of churches and organizations are collaborating to establish new churches through the networks we are developing across the country.

The Stadia team is fostering a generation of high-quality support services for new churches. These services range from web-based project management to planter coaching … from planter boot camps to next level training for sustaining new churches … from personnel assessment to marketing consultation … from caring for families to network development … from management team leadership to accounting services.

At Stadia, we are
Servant leaders who catalyze our organization and care for our planters
Skilled service providers who support our mission
Qualified world-changing church planters
Visionaries who partner to provide resources for this Kingdom enterprise

Stadia is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.