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St. Vincent dePaul, Moore, OK
Moore, OK.

We help people who live within our parish boundaries who call our SVDP help line for assistance with utility or prescription bills and the like. We respond with a home visit to assess their needs and to be a compassionate listener as they express their anguish and frustration associated with their financial distress. We then offer limited financial assistance—in accordance with our own limited funds— to help get the family back on their feet. Whether it is a young single mother with children unable to work, an elderly grandmother forced to become the primary care giver for her grandchildren, the person who is physically disabled and home bound, those who have lost jobs, a family stricken with a life threatening illness…they are all Christ’s brothers and sisters who desperately need our help.

Vincentians at St. Andrew are given a unique opportunity to see Christ in the eyes of the poor during each home visit by listening to their daily struggles, giving them hope, and saying a prayer together. As volunteers we are always aware each visit brings a realization the poor are God’s children created in His image and likeness and that we have an obligation to act.


St. Andrew SVdP is one of five parishes in the South Central District Conference of Oklahoma. We currently have 17 active members. We have a much larger number of associate members who support us through monthly and special donations. We assisted over 300 families in FY 2011
St. Vincent dePaul, Moore, OK is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.