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Shelter For Life International
Maple Grove, MN
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Restoring Lives,
Rebuilding Communities
The mission of Shelter For Life International is to demonstrate God’s love by enabling people affected by conflict and disaster to rebuild their communities and restore their lives.
From its inception, Shelter For Life International has been called to serve those in need by “sheltering the poor wanderer.” Originally, this calling led SFL to provide temporary shelters for refugees who had fled Afghanistan and were struggling to survive along the Pakistan border.

When we first began to help refugees, SFL’s main concern was to help them find safe shelter. We did not fully understand or appreciate the critical role shelter plays in creating or restoring a sense of dignity, security, and hope for the future. Our commitment to “shelter the poor wanderer” remains the essential focus of our programs; however, we have expanded our programs to incorporate comprehensive, grassroots projects that enable beneficiaries to rebuild not only homes but entire communities in order to fully restore their lives. These lessons and values are now reflected in SFL’s mission statement (above), vision statement, and core values.

Please consider joining us as we offer hope to those suffering around the world.

Shelter For Life International is a 501(c)3 organization.