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Sean Glanvill Traumatic Brain Injury Research Fund
Wildwood, MO
givvers: jason

This 501(c)3 organization researches traumatic brain injuries suffered by children, with hopes of improving treatment.

On May 16, 2007, during his daily commute to school, 12 year old Sean Glanvill was involved in a single car
accident. The truck he was in lost control and struck a tree hitting the side where Sean was seated (buckled
in) – causing severe trauma to his head. At Children’s Hospital in St Louis, Sean underwent immediate
surgery to remove fractures of his skull and removal ofmost of the top and right side of the skull to allow for
swelling. In addition to massive head trauma, he has fractures behind the sinus and major damage to his
right eye. Sean was given only a 1% chance of survival on the day of his accident, but he is battling through to
potential recovery despite his traumatic injury.

His accident has brought to light the fact that so little is known about the brain today and funding is needed to
further this critical research to help future survivors of TBI like Sean.

Sean Glanvill Traumatic Brain Injury Research Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.