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Racing for a Cure for Cancer
Leeds, Alabama

Our Vision is a race team dedicated to working with cancer patients and survivors, helping them reach their dreams and achieve all they can with HOPE. For those of you new to Ricky Byers, please meet one of those more extraordinary individuals in auto racing… Ricky has been racing more than 20 years, and has won his share of races and championships. He has lived on the edge, tempted fate, come back to tell the stories~but none of that mattered anymore when he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (throat cancer). He knew he was in for the fight of his life…Which, thank God, he won. Then it happened again. He was struck down with squamous cell carcinoma a second time. He found himself fighting for his life a second time. This time, the MONSTER, lost a vocal cord. He is a fighter; he did not give up and is cancer free today! Has that stopped him? Of course not. He took what he learned during his fight and used it to help others~patients with cancer and their families. He helps them find the medical treatment and financial resources they need to get through this struggle. As word about Ricky’s help got around and more people started coming to him, Ricky decided to form RACING FOR A CURE to fund his dream of furthering the efforts of total eradication of the disease of Cancer. Now Ricky is racing because it’s what he loves to do, he is a racer at heart. But he has dedicated ALL his earnings from racing, merchandise, promotions, to FIGHTING CANCER.

1.100% of driver winnings will be donated to a Research Facility on the cutting edge of finding a cure for Cancer.
2.Organized FREE Cancer Screenings at all venues where Ricky Byers is racing. Special events at screenings: give-aways, race passes, etc.
3.Ricky Byers, race car driver, several championships, and beating squamous cell carcinoma cancer~TWICE!
4.Ricky participated in the Lance Armstrong Foundation Tour of Hope; worked to help others with cancer secure financial support and treatment.
5.Ricky’s DREAM is to be a role model for survivors, proving there is hope!

Racing for a Cure for Cancer is a 501(c)3 organization.