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Playing for Change Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
givvers: jason + 1 other

Do you want to help unite humanity through the power of music?

Started by a small crew of independent filmmakers who traveled around the world recording and filming live performances by over 100 musicians on 5 continents, the Playing For Change Movement shows how music can can bring people from all cultures together. While traveling they asked musicians what their communities needed. The Playing For Change Foundation was born when musicians in Guguletu, South Africa told the crew they would appreciate a new music school for the children in their poverty stricken township.

Because of support from people like you, the first Playing For Change music school will open later this year to provide hope and inspiration to children who face violence and suffering daily. This is the first of many they are building in poor areas around the world to provide safe learning centers and positive mentoring opportunities for children who need it most.

The crew will be sharing live music performances from their journey via email and text alerts along with updates and songs from the new music students you are actively supporting simply by signing-up and spreading the word.

Playing for Change Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.