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Lost & Found Documentary
Bend, Oregon
givvers: jason

This powerful film is about two groups of people 9,000 miles apart,both shunned by society, who together have found hope. It is an inspiring story of how anyone, even a convicted killer, has something to offer. At the heart of the film is an ordinary couple from the Pacific Northwest, both retired school teachers, who have gone to extraordinary lengths to create an orphanage in Uganda. The village they created is now home to 260 children and dozens of local widows who act as house moms. Many of the children are former child soldiers, others have lost their parents to AIDS or civil war. A group of accomplished self-taught inmates heard about the children and are now donating their artwork to be sold, with all proceeds going to the orphanage. This documentary will be distributed to an international audience with the intention of inspiring people to help each other, of informing the public about the horrors of inflicting war on children and the tremendous challenge of helping Uganda’s 2.5 million orphans to survive, and will generate additional funding for Otino Waa Children’s Village.

Lost & Found Documentary is a 501(c)3 organization.