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KidStar Radio Network
Fountain Hills, AZ

KidStar Radio Network is a Children’s educational charity that is developing a network of web radio stations within participating schools and youth organizations throughout the country. These stations are completely operated by the kids themselves. “The Kids Do It All”. Each station will be overseen by Kidstar liaisons that have professional broadcasting experience. This will enable the kids within the schools and or club, to plan, present and manage their own radio stations.

KidStar provides opportunities to kids of all areas of life. The KidStar program educates our youth through a medium that is fun and familiar to them giving its particpating members skills both in communications and in discipline.

This program has the ability to change, empower and truly engage students. KidStar is a life changing program. In addition KidStar has developed fundraising tools to assist schools with the financial challanges facing all schools and youth organizations today as fundings from outside sources are dwindling.

KidStar Radio Network is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.