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Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation
Boulder, CO

Our Mission: Greenwood’s mission is to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for release into appropriate habitats. Greenwood also strives to educate the public, emphasizing humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions.

The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately be returned to their natural habitats. Those animals that sustain injuries or illnesses that prevent them from living successfully in the wild usually are euthanized – have their suffering ended in a humane fashion. Occasionally, individuals who have recovered from their injuries but are not able to survive in the wild are placed in education facilities.

Wildlife rehabilitation is not an attempt to turn wild animals into pets. Patients are held in captivity only until they are able to live independently in the wild. Fear of humans is a necessary survival trait for wild animals and every effort is made to minimize human contact and prevent the taming of rehabilitation patients. Often, this is an elaborate and time-consuming process.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation is a 501(c)3 organization.