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Global Partners for Development
East Africa
givvers: jason

Global Partners for Development works directly with community leaders in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to identify and implement development projects in the areas of education and public health.

Our mission is to take an authentic and sustainable approach to community-driven development in impoverished regions of East Africa. That means supporting schools and community-based organizations to manage education and public health interventions that generate lasting change for local people.

Our partnerships are essential to the realization of our mission. In our experience, working directly with local communities not only promotes human dignity, but also empowers people to break the vicious cycle of poverty. We value the insight of community leaders and school management committees on the real needs at hand and the best methods for tackling them.

Our vision is grounded in the belief that local people are the key to responsible development. We envision a world where even disenfranchised communities have the capacity to build sustainable solutions to the problems they face.

Our approach is to partner with local communities to identify, implement, and sustain projects that improve education and public health in rural East Africa.

Global Partners for Development is a 501(c)3 organization.