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East Oakland Boxing Association
Oakland, CA

EOBA/ Smartmoves is a comprehensive after-school, summer, and weekend program developed to facilitate our youth’s success in schools through an integrated mixture of academics and enrichment activities. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the children and youth of East Oakland can feel secure as they achieve success in school, learn life skills, and build self-esteem in preparation for their futures. Our programs foster whole child development, emphasizing physical and behavioral wellness while promoting academic success, youth empowerment, community involvement and cultural pride. Increasing our participants’ connections to caring adults (nurtured by a low staff-to-participant ratio) and respect for the youth and community voice are integral to the development and provision of our programs.

Our vision is to inspire and educate the youth of East Oakland so that they may grow up to be vibrant and healthy adults with improved opportunities and a better quality of life.

We value that each youth that enters the EOBA/Smartmoves Program is treated with respect. The agency honors individuality and encourages healthy expressions of creativity with programs that foster youths’ physical and mental well-being. The staff of the EOBA/Smartmoves Program is committed to the highest level of youth development and strives to stay current on the latest trends in the field. The staff is also committed to providing a safe environment where youth development professionals can learn in a culturally relevant and diverse setting.

East Oakland Boxing Association is a 501(c)3 organization.