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Children's Hunger Fund
Pacoima, CA
givvers: tudie0916

“Where need, love and action meet, compassion happens.”


Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) works in some of the most needy regions in the world. In the slums of Guatemala, in the refugee villages in Northern Uganda, in the wake of disasters in Indonesia and PerĂº, and on the mean streets of America’s inner-cities, CHF earnestly seeks to provide for the needs of children and make lasting impact in their lives.


If a child is to endure and thrive despite his need he must know hope. Hope is only possible where faith is present. Even in the darkest moments when all he can see is despair, a child’s faith gives him hope that his suffering is not permanent. Faith and hope can only exist where love has shown the way.

CHF equips local churches across America and around the world for a singular purpose: to help them communicate the life-changing message of Christ’s love. Faith in that message brings a hope that can endure any sorrow.


Love without action is of little use. Enduring strategies must be enacted to influence meaningful change in the lives of poor children. At CHF, our strategy is to equip qualified, local churches with the things they need to build relationships with the poor. Because of their long-term presence and proximity to the need, local churches are ideal hubs for distribution of aid.


At CHF, we define true compassion as “love in action.” Your love for children, your yearning to provide for their needs, only becomes compassion when you offer them tangible help. Your active compassion makes it possible to give children the hope they need to thrive.

Children's Hunger Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.