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Blender Foundation
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Blender Foundation develops Blender a free 3D animation software suite that can be be used to create art, scientific visualization, design tools, buildings, and machines, and create advertising. Similar commercial software costs 3,000$ or more per seat, an expense that many non profits, scientific researchers, artists in developing nations, and students cannot afford. Thus Blender gives these organizations, scientists, inventors, artists, and students the tools they need to participate in the creation of these digital media. Blender has been used in the creation of artwork and animation that raises public awareness about diverse topics such as the environment, public health, and public safety. It has been used by numerous researchers to convey their findings and for experimentation. It has been used to create medical and education visuals for a number of diverse projects. It has also allowed artists to produce the first feature animated film in Argentina (Plumiferos) which would have been economically unfeasible had they used commercial software.

Blender Foundation is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.