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Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition
Atlanta, GA
givvers: tir38

We at AHRC are committed to providing the best possible opportunities/choices to increase the health of marginalized individuals actively using drugs. Through science based proven strategies and harm reduction methods, we are experiencing a decline in the rate of new HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C infections amongst Intravenous drug users. In the same way, engaging sex workers and homeless individuals many of which have dual diagnoses through our Outreach efforts. AHRC [Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition has the only Syringe Exchange program in the state of Georgia to our knowledge and one of four known in the entire Southern Region of the US. We clearly understand the importance and need for our work as CDC statistics reflect the mass number of infections and individuals living with AIDS in the Southern states. Please support AHRC’s efforts through advocacy,volunteerism and monetary donations.

Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.