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AIDS Policy Project
Philadelphia, PA

A new campaign for a CURE for AIDS.

We are group of longtime AIDS activists who have launched a national campaign to push for a cure for AIDS. We are the only group laser-focused on a cure.

The first person was cured of AIDS in 2008 (really—it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and covered by the Wall Street Journal), but it was a risky, expensive stem cell transplant. Now is the time to do critical follow up research to make a cure safe and scalable. The stakes are enormous.

We are advocating for more funding for AIDS cure research, for innovative & collaborative research models that will expedite discoveries through the pipeline, and for ways to cut the red tape that scientists face in applying for funding.

We are an independent project of the Urban Affairs Coalition (, a respected, 40 year-old 501 C3 community organization, which takes 6% of our income to pay for insurance, accounting, etc.

We published the first plain-English report on AIDS cure research, found out that the NIH spends only 3% of its AIDS research money on a cure, and are holding town meetings all over the country. It’s an exciting project.

We need and welcome your support. Please be sure to designate that funding go to “The AIDS Policy Project.” Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

And you can check out our web site at to read about our recent work, our board of directors, and our groundbreaking report, “AIDS Cure Research for Everyone.”

AIDS Policy Project is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.