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Moses Lake, WA

Achance4cats is located in Moses Lake, Washington. Our focus is the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of health challenged shelter cats. We are primarily a Bombay, black, and tuxedo cat rescue, as their euthanasia rates are the highest in the nation. We are a no-kill facility, we do not euthanise for space or age, but that also means we are only able to help a select few, when so many need us. We use veterinary provided sedation and euthanasia only if we find that our guest cannot live a comfortable, meaningful life, or where the suffering will outweigh the rehabilitation effort.

Some cats that are fostered by us, are temporary guests, needing only minor health or weight issues resolved. They can then be put up for adoption through petfinder. The average length of stay can range from 10-30 days.
Our semi-permanent rescue guests, accepted here from the small rural shelter, are broken, emaciated, senior, or special needs cats. These cats usually have more extensive medical needs than are practical cost wise, for an animal shelter who must provide for so many to treat. The good of the many must be weighed against the good of the one, and that is where we come in.
These kitties will remain with us until treatment is complete, and their special family comes along. Sometimes during treatment it is found that their condition is terminal, and in that case, we offer them a comfortable haven, until they reach the point in their disease that there is no pleasure or joy in their life. The only exception to this is communicable disease that threatens our other guests.
Our intake is EXTREMELY LIMITED, as medical costs are high, and space is a premium here. We are limited currently to 15 guests in addition to our residents. Average length of stay- 3-6 months. Average cost of treatment and food during that time $400-$600, and YES,that’s EACH.
Once our board certified feline specialist ok’s them for adoption, every effort is made to place them into approved, loving, indoor only homes.

It is my belief, that sometimes I have put before me, these lives that are meant to be saved, the one’s I am meant to fix, and send on to their happily ever afters.
But just as surely I believe that, I know in my heart that some, are brought to me for compassion, a loving hand, a kind word, but most of all, an end to their suffering.
I am not afraid to send them on to a place where they will not feel pain, or fear, a place they will be safe from those who abandoned them, or chose to ignore their cries of help. These are my most special guests of all, for they have chosen me to send them over that rainbow bridge to that heaven that awaits the rescued, and the rescuer.

achance4cats is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.