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The Citizen Lab
Toronto, Canada

The Citizen Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada focusing on advanced research and development at the intersection of digital media, global security, and human rights.

We are a “hothouse” that combines the disciplines of political science, sociology, computer science, engineering, and graphic design. Our mission is to undertake advanced research and engage in development that monitors, analyses, and impacts the exercise of political power in cyberspace. We undertake this mission through collaborative partnerships with leading edge research centers, organizations, and individuals around the world, and through a pioneering “fusion” methodology that combines technical reconnaissance, field investigations, and data mining, analysis, and visualization.

The Citizen Lab’s ongoing research network includes the Information Warfare Monitor, the OpenNet Initiative, and Opennet.Asia.

The Citizen Lab developed the psiphon censorship circumvention software, and continues to provide “red team” research, threat analysis, and support for open source development for Psiphon Inc through the Psi-Lab project.

The Citizen Lab is not verified as a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Nov 17, 2015

Citizen Lab surveillance research on Hacking Team and FinFisher highlighted in articles on Motherboard, the Varsity, and the New York Times.

The post Research on Hacking Team and Finfisher highlighted in Motherboard appeared first on The Citizen Lab.

Nov 04, 2015

Freedom House has released their "Freedom on the Net 2015" report, placing China at the bottom of a ranking comprising 65 countries. The report cites the Citizen Lab's research on China, specifically on chat application censorship and targeted threats.

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Nov 01, 2015

A second audit of South Korea's Smart Sheriff application reveals that there are numerous unresolved vulnerabilities that put minor children and parental users of the application at serious risk.

The post The Kids are Still at Risk: Update to Citizen Lab’s “Are the Kids Alright?” Smart Sheriff report appeared first on The Citizen Lab.

Nov 01, 2015

두 번째 스마트보안관 감사에서 해당 앱의 자녀용과 부모용을 사용하는 이용자들을 심각한 위험에 노출시키는 취약점이 무수히 해결되지 않은 채 남아있음이 확인되었다.

The post 여전히 위험에 처해있는 아이들: 시티즌랩의 스마트보안관 보고서 “우리의 아이들은 안전한가”에 대한 업데이트 appeared first on The Citizen Lab.

Oct 29, 2015

Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network partner EngageMedia partnered with Access and the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) to organize RightsCon Southeast Asia from March 24-25, 2015. The conference, held in Manila, brought together over 600 participants from the region and across the world.

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Oct 29, 2015

Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network partner EngageMedia co-hosted a public forum in Bangkok on October 17, together with the Foundation for Internet and Civic Culture, discussing the pending Internet laws in Thailand.

The post EngageMedia co-hosted event on Thai Internet legislation appeared first on The Citizen Lab.