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Paramedics For Children
Charlotte, NC

Founded in 1997 by Rodger Harrison Paramedics For Children is an international humanitarian organization serving the world’s poor by providing programs that help save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity. This assistance is always provided without regard to religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background, and without any personal agendas on the part of our organization. We are now working in Honduras Central America"

Although we are not aligned with any one particular church at this time ours is a mission from God and therefore we are faith based. All of our funding comes totally from private donations. Many of our donors are also volunteers. Although we are a small charity we are very proud of our ability to get the job done.

urrently we are working on the following projects:

1. School supply programs in place since 1997 whereby we provide school supplies for 1,600 children in the 28 high mountain schools in the Copan Valley. This program provides for a school supply package for each child that is delivered by out hands to the children four times per year. This program has worked very well for the children and in the last nine years we have seen a substantial increase in enrollment and decrease in student dropouts. Often because of the remoteness of these schools we have to deliver these supplies by horseback.

2. Nutritional vitamin programs that allow for chewable vitamins to 500 nutritionally deficient children in the above referenced school communities. Vitamins are purchased in bulk as needed and the identified children receive medical evaluations along with vitamins distributed by the teachers at the school. Over the last 7 years that this program has been in effect we have seen incredible results in the ability of these children to nurture and prosper.

3. The Paramedics For Children clinic of hope is now treating over 750 patients per month. Through this unique donor supplement program we have been able to keep the doors open and to bring affordable health care to over 25,000 Chorti poor for as little as $16.00 US dollars per day. Or a cost of only $0.79 cents to treat a single patient. This new program has now been in operation for just over a year and a half and already the charity community is a buzz with how simple it is, and how easy it works.

Paramedics For Children is a 501(c)3 organization.