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KIPP: Austin
Austin, TX
givvers: jason

Who We Are –
KIPP Austin Public Schools is a growing network of free, open-enrollment public schools that provide an excellent education to underserved low-income students in East Austin. KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) schools are widely recognized for narrowing the achievement gap in public education and putting underserved students on the path to college. The success of KIPP students has been heralded by media nationwide, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, 60 Minutes, ABC World News, and many more.

What We Do –
The KIPP Austin Public Schools educational model works. We start by hiring the very best and brightest teachers and providing them the tools they need to succeed: more time in the classroom, freedom to co-create curriculum, and a higher starting salary. Our students benefit from an academically rigorous program that focuses on college readiness, character development and lifelong wellness. By attending school 67 percent more than their counterparts in traditional school settings, they gain the skills they need for college success. They also have unique cultural and social opportunities such as annual end-of-year field lessons, engagement in community service, leadership training, and participation in fine arts and technology courses. In addition, every KIPP Austin Public Schools student has close relationships with teachers and other adults at the school, and all students have advisors who work closely with them and their families during their four years in middle school—and through our alumni services program, beyond. These relationships ensure that students receive the support and resources they need to prepare for higher education and for life.

Where We’re Headed –
In response to the ever-increasing demand, KIPP Austin will grow our school from a middle school to a full pre-K through 12 school system, with ten schools on two campuses. By 2023, we will serve over 5,000 low-income and minority students, more than doubling the number of college-ready minority students in the Austin area.

KIPP: Austin is a 501(c)3 organization.