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Independent Institute
Oakland, CA
givvers: jason

“The program of The Independent Institute is excellent.”
—GARY S. BECKER, Nobel Laureate in Economic Science, University of Chicago

“I am very pleased to commend you for the program of The Independent Institute, one of the best known public policy research and educational organizations. I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the impressive professional contributions you have made in economics, government regulation, and many other areas.”

“The Independent Institute has a well-deserved reputation for rigorous analysis of critical public policy issues and for pointing the way toward reform in government. . . . I am happy to commend you for the clarity of your insights, not least those into the nature and blessings of economic freedom.”
—RONALD REAGAN, 40th President of the United States

Independent Institute is a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Nov 16, 2017

By Randal O’Toole; When it comes to mass transit, politicians never learn. Last month, Nashville Mayor Megan Berry announced a $5.2 billion proposal that involves building 26 miles of light rail and digging...

Nov 13, 2017

By Abigail R. Hall, Michael Coon; During a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, President Trump told a gruesome story of immigrant "animals" who "slice and dice" beautiful young girls in the United States. His d...

Nov 08, 2017

By William J. Watkins Jr.; The U.S. Census Bureau is preparing for its next constitutionally mandated national head count, to be held in 2020. Unfortunately, the Bureau's 2020 Operation Plan reveals th...

Nov 08, 2017

By Raymond March; Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico have experienced Mother Nature at her worst. Hurricane Harvey has displaced over 60,000 and left 63 dead. Hurricane Irma left two million Floridians withou...

Nov 07, 2017

By Raymond March; Tasha Hedstrom, age 30, has struggled with opioid addiction for 15 years. Her path to recovery includes taking medications to curb withdrawal symptoms and attending court-mandated group c...

Nov 07, 2017

By Donald A. Downs; Alarm over the state of free speech and academic freedom on American campuses is nothing new under the collegiate sun. But it has reached fever pitch in the past few years. The un...

Nov 02, 2017

By S. Fred Singer; An essay in the current issue (Oct. 2017) of Eos, the house organ and newsletter of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), is titled "Red, Blue--and Peer-Review" (P.R....

Nov 02, 2017

By Lawrence J. McQuillan; More than 40 deaths in the Wine Country wildfires last month marked the deadliest fire season in recent state history and in September, Los Angeles experienced its largest wildfire ever. ...