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East Point Velodrome Association
East Point, GA
givvers: tir38

The East Point Velodrome Association, Inc. (EPVA), is a volunteer-based 501©3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, care and growth of the Dick Lane Velodrome, located in East Point, Georgia.

The EPVA conducts Youth Service Activities for the children at no cost to the city or state. These activities include our highly acclaimed Bicycle Little League (for kids 8-12), Summer Camps (kids 13-16), and Bicycle Safety Clinics. In addition, to raising bicycle safety awareness, these programs promote physical health and wellness, teamwork and individual growth through the sport and positive alternatives to drugs and gangs. These pioneering grass-root programs will hopefully ignite positive changes in kids and in competitive cycling in the U.S.

East Point Velodrome Association is a 501(c)3 organization.

Latest News

Apr 20, 2017

Our 6:30 and 7:30 YCL Classes are cancelled because of the pop up storm that just moved over the track.

Apr 20, 2017

Hey'all, we're going to have a temporary 24-hour track closure from tomorrow, April 21st, 7am until Saturday April 22nd, 7am, or when we get there to open the gates, whichever happens first. We are performing some critical repairs and if you ride over those repairs during this time you'll probably mess stuff up. So don't do this. Please.

Apr 11, 2017

Officials Communique #1

Please be on time and register as soon as possible for the correct distance for your category, gender and age. Registering as soon as possible is: before you put your gearing on, change into your kit, warm-up, talk to friends, or forget you didn’t register after the start sheets are printed.

We will be seeding riders per distance. This helps with the timing of events.

Please pay attention to your heat number. Report to your start area one event before your heat. Ex: I’m in heat 9 backside? I should be at backside starting area at the beginning of heat 8!

You may warm up during competition above the blue stayers line. No cheering. No pacing. Please be careful while entering and exiting the track for your fellow competitors and officials. Stay at a safe speed. 15mph

We will be posting the raw results on instagram after each distance change: Front side will be backside will be . Please do not interrupt the officials while timing. Interrupting or trying to see your time increases the probability that mistakes may happen and is disrespectful to the other competitors. Results will be posted before the end of the evening. I promise no one set a world record!


1.5 lap Time Trial: All women, junior men race age 16 and younger, and men over 50 years of racing age.

3 lap Time Trial: Junior men race age 17-18, men, and masters under the age of 50.

6 lap pursuit: Women 15-18, Women 35+, and Men 50+.

9 lap pursuit: Women 19-35, Junior Men race age 15-18, Masters 35+, DLV category B,C,D.

12 lap pursuit: A riders only

Team Events: One event per rider. No aerobars allowed for team sprint.

Womens team sprint 2 riders- 2 laps

Mens team Sprint: 3 riders-3 laps

Womens Team Pursuit 4 women 9 laps time taken on the third rider.

Mens Team Pursuit 4 men 12 laps time taken on the third rider.

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Apr 05, 2017

We're canceling track for tonight 4-5 due to the high humidity and debris covering the track slowing down the drying time. With a new line of storms backbuilding to our west it looks like tonight is just not going to work out. We'll see everybody next week!

Apr 03, 2017

Sorry, the track just isn't drying fast enough to host YCL for Tonight. However, our first April weekly beginners class is still on as scheduled for 7:30. Brian said he may be a little late due to our new normal traffic habits.

Mar 18, 2017

This year we want to encourage you to help your DLV community by volunteering one or two race nights a season to be a volunteer official, scorer, lap counter or timer during our regular weekly racing as well as Pro Race, State Champs as well as other event days. Volunteers will receive 4 ROY points for each volunteer session but will NOT be able to race that night. The more people that know and understand these positions, the better and stronger our velodrome community is.

Please sign up with the link below:

If you have any questions contact [email protected]

Mar 13, 2017

With the continued drizzle and temps below 40* Youth Cycling League is cancelled for Monday March 13th 2017. We will try again to start our season this Thursday. Everyone be sure to bring warm athletic clothes to ride in!