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Charley's Fund
S Egremont, MA
givvers: jason

DMD is the #1 fatal genetic disorder affecting children worldwide. Our goal is to cure DMD in time to save Charley’s life and the lives of thousands of boys like him.

Historically, most of the funds raised for Duchenne have subsidized the tremendous cost of caring for children with this brutal disease, not research to cure it. Several established organizations provide helpful services for families struggling to provide for their DMD-afflicted children. In contrast, our sole mission is to fund a cure or treatment for Duchenne. We invest our money in translational research – research that focuses on moving science from the lab into human clinical trials.

Here are some additional links for people’s information: – the foundation – the disease – the documentary movie made about a boy with DMD… – the movie on ABC’s Nightline… – a film review – my friend’s son, who also has DMD

Charley's Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.