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Charles Maddock Foundation (CMF)
New York, NY

The Charles Maddock Foundation (“CMF”) is a tax-exempt public charity that strives to advance the treatment of patients who have suffered brain trauma. To achieve this, the foundation focuses on the education of health care providers in the administration of critical care to traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims. CMF also works to create a support resource for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

One night in June 2004, a New York City taxi struck Charlie Maddock. Charlie was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he immediately underwent a series of treatments and surgeries to reduce his intracranial pressure. He would spend almost two weeks in a coma, natural at first and then drug-induced in order to monitor his brain swelling. While Charlie made progress in the six weeks following his accident, he still had months of rehabilitation at Mount Siani Hospital. However, with the help of his well-trained surgeons and rehabilitation staff, Charlie made a phenomenal recovery and started work at Fidelity only seven months after his accident.

Reflecting upon his fortune in receiving such well-informed emergency care, Charlie created an Advisory Board to help him establish CMF. Since that time, CMF’s leadership has been expanded to include a 7-person Medical Board of top neurosurgeons from across the country. The Medical Board is led by Dr. Howard Riina, Associate Attending Neurological Surgeon and Director of the Neurological Surgery Residency Program at Weill Cornell Medical College – New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Charlie’s lead surgeon after the accident.

Charles Maddock Foundation (CMF) is a 501(c)3 organization.